Sri. H.C. Yathish

Sri Hasanamba Education Trust

President’s Message

    “It gives me immense privilege to be part of this noble venture of “Hasanamba College of Education” started by my father Sri. Channe Gowda in the District of Hassan”

      Hasanamba College of Education established in 1972 where we were dedicated to make great Teachers. Continuing in the spirit of providing quality education. Recognizing the hard work and passion of students many have seized upon the incredible opportunity and moved ever closer to achieving their dream.

      I am sure, the Institute Campus will be able to experience the excellent standards maintained in the Institute which will enable them to pursue a successful professional career.

      Education at Hasanamba College of Education is not restricted to academics or professional goals alone. Social sensitization is an integral part of the campus life and education imparted emphasizes value based learning and social responsibilities.

      I think methodical planning and sincere efforts will yield still better results for the future of B.Ed students.

With Warm Regards
Sri. H.C. Yathish
Chairman Sri Hasanamba Education Trust