About B.Ed Programme

B.Ed. is an undergraduate program with Choice Based Credit System & Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP) of 4 semesters (two year duration) leading to the bachelor’s degree in education. Normally the admission for program starts in December /January every year and ends in November /December.


A course is the basic component of an academic programme.  All courses are considered for earning credits to secure a degree Course: Every Course offered will have three components associated with the teaching-learning process of the course, namely (i) Lecture (L) (ii) Tutorial (T) (ii) Practical (P), where L stands for lecture session. T stands for tutorial session consisting participatory discussion/self study/desk work/brief seminar presentations by students and any other novel methods…. In terms of credits, every one hour session of L amounts to 1 credit per semester and a minimum of two hour session of T or P amounts to 1 credit per semester over a period of one semester of 18 weeks and 20 weeks is 22 weeks inclusive of semester-end-examination.


1st Semester

ComponentCourse Title
Perspectives in EducationChildhood and Adolescence 
Philosophical and sociological base for Education
Educational Technology
Pedagogic CoursesICT Basics
Psycho-Social Test
Micro teaching
Simulation Lesson and integration
Understanding Discipline and PedagogyUDP-Languages
UDP- Social Science 
UDP – Science 
UDP – Mathematics 
UDP – Commerce 

2nd Semester

ComponentCourse Title
Perspectives in EducationLearning and Teaching Processes
Knowledge and Curriculum
Education in Contemporary India.
Pedagogy tools, techniques and approaches
Language across curriculum
Practical Courses ICT Application Understanding Personality and yoga
Understanding Discipline and Pedagogy UDP subjects – Simulation with ICT School lessons and reflective diary

3rd Semester

ComponentCourse Title
Perspectives in EducationInclusive Education
Educational Evaluation
Optional Course. (Any one)
Subject specific pedagogy. (Any Two) 
Practical Courses

Research Project
Fine Arts and Theater.
Field assignments 
Reading and reflection. 
Teacher placement and CET orientation  
Understanding Discipline and Pedagogy UDP Subjects – Unit plan based lessons under block teaching

4th Semester

ComponentCourse Title
Perspectives in EducationGender School and Society
Educational management and Organization. 
Advanced Pedagogy of Specific subjects (Any Two)
Practical Courses School Co-practices Test lessons  
Understanding Discipline and PedagogyUDP Subjects- Immersion lessons TIM and ICT based lessons Test lessons