College Activities

It is the tradition of the College to organize co-curricular activities in various facets. To augment the organization of them, the students of are divided into four houses (Blue, Green, Red & Yellow) with equal number of boys and girls in each house. Each house would send two representatives for four areas of activities. They in turn choose among them one secretary and a joint secretary for each of the four areas of activities.

Student Cultural Committee:

It organizes guest lectures, various literary and cultural competitions, exhibitions, etc., and ensures active participation of the students. 1 periods in the time-table are earmarked for this in a week.

Sports Committee:

It organizes Sports and games activities as well as competitions in them for the girls and boys students throughout the year.

College Magazine Committee:

It publishes the college annual miscellany AMRITHA encouraging the literary talent of the students.

CLC Committee:

It organizes Citizenship Training Camp to the students by offering Camp life experiences on a corporate basis for a period of two to three days.

Subject Clubs :

Subject Clubs to offer more informal opportunities in different subjects. Following clubs are organized with the Pedagogy teacher as its organizer assisted by a few nominated trainees. The clubs are a) ABCD Eng club, b)  C D E F Pq AW, c) ģPĮ Ew AW and d) Z eգ AW.